What is Google Gemini? Latest information about Google’s new AI

What is Google Gemini? Latest information about Google’s new AI

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Google officially launches AI tool named Gemini Google AI, considered a heavyweight warrior in the artificial intelligence technology race, expected to excel in query response on laptops, phones, with a massive data platform from Google. Let’s explore what is Google Gemini, how it differs from Google Bard or other AI tools!

1. What is Gemini? Is Gemini Google Bard?

Gemini is an artificial intelligence application mentioned by Google at the Google I/O developer conference held in May 2023. CEO Sundar Pichai revealed information about the upcoming artificial intelligence (AI) system, competing with OpenAI’s ChatGPT at that time.

Google Gemini is built as a Large Language Model (LLM), based on massive data platform from Google. This tool has the function of generating text in language, creatively producing various types of content, and meeting users’ query needs in almost every field.

Preliminary assessments by the technology community suggest that Gemini is 5 times more powerful than GPT-4, producing more accurate, comprehensive, and deeper inference answers. Thus, it improves the technology experience for users.

Google launches most advanced AI tool - Google Gemini

2. Superior Features of Gemini

Multi-Modal Synthesis Tool

Gemini is designed to integrate text, images, and various types of data, making the conversational ability of this tool more engaging and natural. For example, the strength of the AlphaGo system from DeepMind allows Gemini to solve complex Go board positions. Or the ability to systematize and model language extension to serve the feedback process.

Therefore, Gemini is seen as a tool with potential for future exploration, including advanced meanings such as memory, planning support for inference tasks.

Gemini is a multi-modal integrated AI tool, responding in various content formats

Using Tools and APIs System

In the near future, Google will invest heavily in Gemini. This platform will use Pathways, along with Google’s new generation AI infrastructure. With massive data volume, Gemini can expand the scale of training on diverse data content.

It is expected to be the largest language model supported by Google, possibly surpassing even GPT-3 with over 175 billion parameters.

Google Gemini is designed to use Google's most advanced Tools and APIs

Many Supportive Features

DeepMind’s CEO, Demis Hassabis, stated that the AlphaGo technology with reinforcement learning and network search capabilities can help Gemini develop reasoning behavior and problem-solving. Thus, Gemini can verify the authenticity of information from Google’s sources through its memory, enhancing the accuracy of inference information.

Google collaborates with DeepMind to enhance Gemini's problem-solving capabilities

Superior Personalization

Google states that Bard’s conversational ability will evolve when applied to Gemini. The scope of information is expanded to many fields, occupations, and multimedia entertainment. Along with the latest update versions, Gemini can become a trusted personal assistant for users.

Gemini focuses on individual experiences, addressing specific queries

3. Using Gemini Google

According to Google’s announcement, Gemini will be available in over 170 countries. Developers will be provided with applications through Google Cloud APIs from December 13, 2023. However, the official and most powerful version of Gemini will be launched in 2024.

You can start using Gemini through Google AI Studio, a web-based tool that allows users to create prototypes and run prompts directly in the browser.

Using Google Gemini

Setting up Google Gemini

Using Google Gemini

Furthermore, you can also download Google Gemini for use on your smartphone.

When successfully installed, Gemini will default to replace Google Assistant when you swipe from the bottom edge of the device or hold down the power button. Similarly, when you use the voice command Hey Google, Gemini will appear instead of Google Assistant.

However, you can still choose to use Google Assistant if you prefer by selecting the mode switch button within the Gemini app.

Switching from Gemini to Google Assistant is easy

4. Is Gemini Google Free? Costs and Gemini’s Service Packages

Currently, there is no official information from Google about the pricing of Gemini. However, Google has confirmed that Gemini will have a basic free version with limited features. Meanwhile, premium packages with advanced features will be available at different prices.

Users can buy Gemini directly on the Google website or through Google Play for installation on Android smartphones. The application will be installed and updated automatically when connected to the internet.

Google Gemini will have free and premium versions with different packages

5. Gemini vs. Bard: What’s the Difference?

There’s been much speculation about the relationship between Google Gemini and Google Bard. While both are advanced AI language models, they serve different purposes.

Bard, introduced in 2021, is a language model designed specifically for generating poetry and other forms of creative writing. Its focus is on creativity, storytelling, and literary tasks.

On the other hand, Gemini is a more general-purpose AI language model, similar to OpenAI’s GPT series. It’s designed to excel in providing accurate and comprehensive answers to various types of queries across multiple domains.

While both models leverage Google’s vast resources and expertise in AI, they have distinct strengths and applications. Bard is more focused on creative tasks, while Gemini is geared towards practical information retrieval and conversation.

Gemini and Bard are both advanced AI models, but with different focuses


In summary, Google Gemini is an advanced AI language model developed by Google, aiming to excel in providing accurate and comprehensive answers to a wide range of queries across multiple domains. With its multi-modal synthesis capabilities, advanced tools and APIs, and superior personalization features, Gemini promises to be a powerful tool for both developers and end-users alike.

While it shares some similarities with Google Bard, Gemini is more focused on practical information retrieval and conversation, making it a valuable addition to Google AI ecosystem. With its official launch scheduled for 2024, Gemini is poised to become a heavyweight player in the AI technology race, further cementing Google’s position as a leader in the field of artificial intelligence.

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